Hello, Santa Claus!!! My name is Victoria, I\’m 19 years old, I\’m from Russia, my city of Volsk, Saratov region, my Lenin street 240, apartment 29, on the 4th floor. I live with my grandmother. I also have a mom and dad. I love my parents. I also had Pets, but they\’re gone now. My Hobbies: I like to draw beautifully, I like to dance, I am a seamstress by profession, I like to sew something beautiful. At home, I help my parents, listen to them, help with the housework. They praise me. And my most cherished desire is to become a real sorceress with a magic wand. Of course, someone may think it\’s stupid, but this is my real dream since childhood. I loved watching cartoons about fairies and fairies. But for all the time, my dream never came true. And I so want to make my dream come true. I promise that in the new year, too, I will be obedient, I will help my parents and housework. Santa Claus, I believe in you. Give me a real magic wand for Christmas(this is my dearest wish), and a sweet Christmas gift in a cardboard box. I wish you happiness and health in everything. I love Christmas very much. And waiting for a miracle. Goodbye, Santa Claus!!! I look forward to seeing you, come to us.

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